Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

Ruston, Louisiana

Facilities Use Policy


General Statement


The facilities of The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer are primarily for the church and its functions and to a lesser degree for the individual members of the congregation.  Certain circumstances may require special consideration be given.  Because funerals cannot be planned more than a few days in advance, the funeral of a church member, regular attendee or member of their family will be given priority in the building usage.  Scheduled events may require cancellation or rescheduling to accommodate funerals.  The Rector, with prayerful consideration, will demonstrate how to best meet the specific need for facility usage.




  1. The church’s central point for initial inquiry about facility utilization is the Church Secretary or Rector
  2. Utilization by church members for activities not directly related to the church or its programs is permitted at no fee provided it is in harmony with the Church Calendar.
  3. Utilization by entities (groups, organizations, individuals) outside of the church may be permitted provided the following requirements are met:
    1. Group, organization or individual must be sponsored by a church member
    2. Church member must be in attendance
    3. Activity and conduct of the guests shall be in accordance with standards practiced in our church
    4. Event must harmonize with the Church Calendar
    5. An event reservation request form must be completed. (The request becomes an event use agreement upon approval by the Rector)
  4. Entities other than church members are required to pay a reservation fee at the time an event is placed on the calendar as per schedule below. The fee will become the payment for the use of the facility. The reservation fee is non-refundable after 30 days prior to the event regardless of whether the facility was or was not used.
  5. Set-up tables and chairs prior to any event as well as take-down after the event is the responsibility of the individual or organization using the facility.
  6. Clean up after an is the responsibility of the individual or organization utilizing the facility.  All trash should be discarded in the cans on the deck behind the kitchen.  Sweep and clean as required.  The facility must be left as it was found.
  7. Opening up before an event and locking up after the event is the responsibility of the church member sponsor. A key, if needed, for a scheduled event can be obtained from the church office.  A deposit may be required.  Keys are not to be duplicated except by express permission of the Rector.
  8. A lock-up checklist is available on a separate document.




  1. The buildings and property of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer are not to be used by anyone who will charge for their services.  Lessons taught for a charge will not be permitted within the buildings.
  2. Fund raisers other than those directly related to the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer will not be permitted in the church proper or narthex.
  3. No long-term leases.


Fee Schedule


  1. Haskell Hall- $250
  2. Sunday School classroom- $50 (No fee for Civic or Community activities)


Tables and Chairs


The tables and chairs at The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer are intended for use at church for its functions; but, may be used for other entities that utilize church facilities in accordance with this policy.  The tables and chairs shall not be loaned, rented, or removed from the church property at any time.




Tablecloths may not be removed from Haskell Hall without permission from the President of the ECW or her representation and then an accounting must be made of who borrowed them and expected date and time of return.




Supplies, when required for an event, are the responsibility of the individual or group using the facility.  This included coffee, paper cups, sugar, creamer, napkins, writing materials, etc.  The church’s inventory is not to be used.




Guidelines for weddings are under separate document.



Church of the Redeemer

Ruston, Louisiana